Buffalo’s Unique Technology – Web Access

Share and Access Your Files Anywhere, Anytime.

What is Buffalo WebAccess?

How Web Access Works:

The WebAccess server setup including the BuffaloNAS account can be done completely in the NAS web interface. The function is combined with a service similar to a dynamic DNS provider. The server, hosted and maintained by Buffalo Technology, stores the client connection data. The connection itself works always in a direct way from the user’s client device to the NAS at home or office. Therefore the Buffalo server would not have access to any user data.

On the client side it depends what way you chose. For the access via web browser, there is no special software required. It works on all machines which have Internet via browser and optional SSL support. You just need to know the BuffaloNAS name and the login credentials. www.BuffaloNAS.com will establish a peer-to-peer connection between your Buffalo NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, such as LinkStation and TeraStation and your Web browser.

Connect to Your Digital World Wherever You Are

1. Web browser

Go to buffalonas.com and enter the BuffaloNAS name of your device in the field and connect. From here you can view and load content from public folders. All supported files will simply open, for all others there is the download option. Once you are logged in you can then upload and perform file operations such as create folders, move, rename and delete files and folders. HTTPS is available too in case you need a secure connection. So far it is the only way to have an encrypted connection. However, it would work on any client device what utilises a browser with SSL support.

2. The Windows PC application

Buffalo provides a small program that adds a system folder in “Computer”. The setup is easy to do and the program can connect several NAS devices via the WebAccess remote access tool, from different locations. The look and feel is Windows Explorer style without having Thumbnail pictures as this could increase the load time of the content. Let’s not forget it works via remote access and you should consider the speed of the internet connection available. If you are logged in as a user you can perform all file operations the way you are used to. Download here.

For Windows 8 we have already developed an application. It is available in the: app store.

-all files need to be locally cached before opening -WebAccess2 on Buffalo Routers is not supported by the PC application

3. Smartphones/ Tablet Applications

Currently all major platforms are supported: Android, iOS and Windows Mobile 7.5/8/8.1. The free applications are available in the app store of the respective OS of the smartphone – the Google Play store, the Apple App Store and the Windows Marketplace. Just load and install it.

For all native supported files, you can simply open them from WebAccess. For image files there is a slide show feature and for music there is a built-in player that generates a playlist with all songs in the folder once you start to play a file. For video streaming the popular format mpeg4 is supported and will play without any problems. For all other native streaming formats, it depends on the client device configuration. It is possible that not all file formats are supported.

If you use a User Account to log-in you can perform all file operations such as rename, add and delete files and folders e.g. you will have the rights specified in the settings. Without signing in you will be limited to read-only access to public folders.

-The music player does support DRM free MP3s’ only -WebAccess2 on Buffalo Routers is not supported by the mobile applications on Smart Phones