Snapshot and Snapshot Backup

So safe. So simple.

BUFFALO’s new TS6000 NAS series of advanced snapshot and backup features make it even easier and more effective for organizations to protect their data from accidental deletion, processing errors, creeping data corruption or ransomware attacks.

SMEs need simple data protection solutions

As new studies show year after year, the correct storage and backup of their data still poses huge challenges for both large and small companies. Every year, German companies lose millions of Euros as well as the trust of customers and partners due to data loss and IT failures.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are struggling with a frequently very limited IT budget, a lack of IT know-how and personnel, increasing data volumes and stricter data protection guidelines. In addition, there is the growing danger of ransomware attacks. SMEs therefore need reliable and comparatively inexpensive storage and backup solutions that are easy to implement and manage.

Snapshot function protects against Ransomware

Cyber-crime is on the rise and the fear of Ransomware attacks is spreading among companies. The TeraStation 6000 series supports the production of ‘snapshots’, which can be a powerful weapon against Ransomware. Unlike a backup, snapshots are not a copy of the data, but a local, system-side link between the modified blocks and the original file. This means that a copy of the entire file is not made with every snapshot, but only a kind of change log. Each snapshot is used to define recovery points. For example, if data was accidentally edited or deleted incorrectly, you can easily and quickly restore the state of the file at this last snapshot point. In the same way, a ransomware attack can restore the state before the unwanted encryption of the data.

Advantages of Snapshot and Snapshot Backup

By storing the modified data in blocks, snapshots have the advantage that they require very little system resources and much less storage space than full backups, both when they are created and when they are restored. This means that they can be created at very short and regular intervals – for example, once an hour during the entire working day.

This allows companies to avoid losing an entire day’s work due to a simple human error. Especially for design, photo and video agencies as well as engineering offices working with CAD files, the TS6000 is the ideal file server.

BUFFALO has combined the ‘Snapshot’ and ‘Backup’ functions to make the creation of classic backups on another storage medium more efficient. This means that the TeraStation 6000 first creates a snapshot and then saves the state of the data at this point on an external medium. While this backup process is running, changes to the data are no longer taken into account. This means that employees can continue working on their files without any problems and without making any mistakes when creating a backup copy of this data. This allows companies to create backups not only at night, but also during working hours.

TeraStation 6000 – The professional in backup and data security

In addition to the functions already mentioned, the new TS6000 network storage series offers numerous other known and new features that additionally protect against data loss. Thanks to a powerful Intel Atom® processor, the integrated 10GbE port and the outstanding VIP service, it is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with high demands on performance and security.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Intel Atom® processor with 8 GB ECC RAM
  • Available in 2- and 4-bay desktop and 4-bay rackmount versions
  • Fully loaded with NAS HDDs and up to 32 TB total capacity
  • Integrated 10GbE port
  • Snapshot and Snapshot Backup
  • copy-on-write functionality
  • Duplex metadata – protection against data loss or corruption using duplicate metadata
  • Ideal for server storage expansion via iSCSI
  • iSCSI Volume Backup – direct backup to another TS6000 reduces server load
  • 3-year standard warranty and VIP service including 24-hour replacement of defective hard disks, warranty extension of 1 or 2 years possible
  • Made in Japan