Case Studies & White Paper

Get an idea of the benefits Buffalo products can bring you in practice.

White Paper

10GbE – Network Upgrade for SMB

There’s nothing more annoying than having to wait around somewhere – whether in a traffic jam, at the supermarket checkout, at the subway station, being kept on hold on the telephone, or at your office computer. Applications that freeze, unresponsive apps, files that are slow to load – all of these make your work tedious, frustrating, and inefficient

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Hardware RAID, RAID 6 und Windows Storage Server

This white paper first discusses the advantages of implementing a hardware RAID solution in an NAS and then addresses the question of why companies should store their data in RAID 6. The second part of this paper considers the new Buffalo TeraStation WSH with Windows Storage Server 2016 and hardware RAID in more detail.

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Compliance for SMBs from a storage perspective

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) intends to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union.

It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. Those organisations outside of the European Union but holding data on EU citizens are subject to GDPR.

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Case Studies

KEIHIN Sales and Development Europe

The company KEIHIN Sales and Development Europe uses Buffalo NAS to connect three separate offices, and to ensure data can be processed securely and under encryption to protect it from unauthorised access.

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Kuhnert Gebäudeservice

The “Kuhnert Gebäudeservice” glass and building cleaning service uses a TeraStation 51210RH to integrate network memory into an existing server structure quickly and cost-effectively, without the need to deal with long periods of downtime and stay in control of the stored data.

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Dental practice “Dres. Haubert & Partner”

The group dental practice “Dres. Haubert & Partner” uses a TeraStation 51210RH to quickly, effortlessly, and cost-effectively expand memory within an existing network infrastructure.

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Phototographer Manfred Baumann

Star photographer Manfred Baumann uses a combination of Buffalo devices to protect his life’s work of hundreds of thousands of photos, and to always have access to his photo collection when working abroad.

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Peers Hardy Group

Watch manufacturer Peers Hardy Group turns to Buffalo Technology’s TeraStation™ WSH5610 Windows Storage Server hardware RAID platform to centralise and simplify local and cloud storage backups with lightning fast performance. In the process it cuts costs and reduces both energy consumption, and maintenance requirements.

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