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Keep viruses at bay – from your TeraStation™

Opt for add-on/extension antivirus package for enhanced security

Protect your TeraStation™ servers from becoming hosts for viruses, trojans, bots and other malware. The Trend Micro™ NAS Security Antivirus software is an add-on or extension package that enables antivirus protection for your TeraStation™ NAS. It offers real-time protection, high performance, and low processing overheads. The extension package comes with a license key for the pre-installed Trend Micro™ NAS Security Antivirus software.

Simple intuitive Web-based interface

Manage the Trend Micro™ NAS Security antivirus software through an intuitive portable Web-based console. When activated, the antivirus software provides centralised virus/malware scanning, pattern updates, event reporting and configuration.

How to subscribe to Trend Micro™ NAS Security?

Choose either 1, 3 or 5-year subscription service for supported TeraStation™ models. The subscription service lasts for 1, 3 or 5 years from the date it is first used. The total period for antivirus software updates may be extended up to 5 years. It’s not possible to register a serial number that would extend the total license period beyond 5 years, such as a second 3-year license after 3 years.

Activate the unique serial number provided in the TeraStation™ web-based user interface.

How does Trend Micro™ NAS Security work?

During an active subscription period, the subscription service will continue to operate and receive automatic virus subscription updates from Trend Micro™.

When the subscription expires, the TeraStation™ will continue to operate, but the virus scanning features will stop working until a new subscription is applied. Once applied, virus subscription services cannot be transferred from one TeraStation™ to another.

Key features

  • Choose to use the antivirus software for all the folders in your TeraStation™ or specific folders only.
  • Select either real-time, manual or scheduled antivirus scan.
  • Infected files will be moved to a quarantine folder by default.
  • Scan results are kept as log files.
  • Frequent updates for virus, trojan and malware signatures.


Antivirus software by Trend Micro™ protects the whole TeraStation™ – files are checked when saved or modified

  • Moves detected virus or spyware to a quarantine folder
  • Simple activation enables automatic protection
  • Updates pattern file automatically to ensure a secure environment

Choice of 1, 3 or 5-year subscriptions:

  • 1 year: OP-TSVC-1Y
  • 3 year: OP-TSVC-3Y
  • 5 year: OP-TSVC-5Y