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Buffalo announces TeraStation™ 3020 NAS for small and medium enterprises

Sep 17, 2019

Successor to TeraStation 3010 series features upgraded CPU, faster network port, and higher storage options


Buffalo TeraStation™ 6000 with advanced Snapshot feature and iSCSI Volume Backup

Aug 27, 2019

New and innovative network attached storage device with desktop and rackmount models for small and medium businesses


Buffalo expands rackmount TeraStation™ 5010 range with higher capacities up to 144 TB

Jun 4, 2019

TS51210RH is now available partially or fully populated with 12TB drives; TS5410RN adds partially populated option with 16 TB storage


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FrAndroid reviews Buffalo TeraStation

Feb 9, 2020

We reviewed the TS6400DN, which transfers our data at…. 1,1GB/s making it the most powerful NAS of the manufacturer and of our selection with the best value for money.


Buffalo Terastation TS6400DN reviewed by

Dec 31, 2019

On the Internet, we got the free Buffalo NAS Navigator 2. This small utility found the NAS server very reliable in the test, without us knowing its IP address or even typing somewhere.


Back up data on the Buffalo TS6000 NAS Series

Dec 10, 2019

Unlike an ordinary backup, a snapshot requires hardly any system resources to create and restore. The bigger advantage, however, is that it requires a lot less storage space. 


TeraStation 3220DN in comparison test of PC-Welt

Dec 9, 2019

The NAS systems still cope comparatively well with large files like the UHD movie. The test participants Qnap TS-251A and TS-328 as well as Buffalo Terastation 3210DN with 108 MB/s show this in writing.