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Every dad wants to bring his favorite movies, series, music or photos with him, or at least be able to save and access pictures of his kids and holidays remotely. For these connected dads, Buffalo Technology offers several drives and accessories, designed to withstand a life on the road.

For dads who love photography and who want to remotely backup their latest shots, or do not want to walk around with an external hard drive, Buffalo also has a range of easy-to-use plug-and-play NAS devices that are accessible from anywhere over the internet. Not only do these NAS drives automatically backup your Mac or PC, but they even become your personal ‘cloud’. It’s pretty smart saving your files to a NAS on your desk to make sure you can’t lose any images, and you can always access your photos when you’re visiting relatives to show them your latest adventures or family photos.

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme

The Buffalo MiniStation Extreme is a high-performance USB 3.0 portable drive with an elegant design. The hard drive is equipped with a shockproof chassis with rubber elements that protects the drive from accidental shocks, meets military standards, and can withstand a fall up to 1.2 meters high. All data on the drive is encrypted and protected with a password. The USB cable is part of the drive, so you can never forget or lose it while your traveling! The MiniStation Extreme was awarded a Red Dot Award for its design.

Product information | pricing:£85 (500GB),£105 (1TB),£155 (2TB)

Buffalo MediaStation Blu-Ray™

The MediaStation Blu-ray™ is a compact portable solution for storing, editing, and playing high-definition content. Blu-ray technology also allows you to burn and store files up to 128 GB on a single disk. Its compact, thin and lightweight (only 220g!) design with built-in USB cables makes it easy to slide into a travel bag without having to carry other cables or accessories. Self-powered over USB, this drive is available wherever you are, whatever you do.

Product information | pricing: £83

Buffalo LinkStation 220DR

The LinkStation 220DR combines an incredibly easy-to-use user interface, high-performance WD Red drives, and the capabilities of a convenient, safe, dual-bay network storage device. It is preconfigured and can be finetuned with a smartphone, thanks to its new intuitive interface optimized for mobile devices. Buffalo Technology’s LS220DR products are dual-bay NAS network storage solutions, available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 TB capacities.

Product information | pricing:£275(2x1TB) and up

Buffalo TeraStation 3410DN

For dads that work with a lot of data, the TeraStation is a professional-quality NAS with 4 hard drives that offers high-performance, economical, user-friendly storage for expert photographers or video artists. Like all Buffalo NAS devices, the TeraStation 3410DN is accessible through its web interface. Featuring a powerful dual-core 1,4 GHz Annapurna processor it offers fast transfer rates and stable performance when processing large amounts of data. The dual-ethernet port lets you run multiple services simultaneously. Available in 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, and 16TB storage options.

Product information | pricing:£635 (4x1TB) and up