Successfully implement cloud storage

Avoiding slow transfers, unsecured data and more

Today there are multiple approaches to storage backup.

The more secure backup method is data replication, where you’re essentially creating a private cloud backup between multiple NAS devices in different locations.  NAS backup that is attached to your private network virtually functions like a private cloud solution. Organizations in specific industries, like healthcare or financial services, who are handling sensitive patient or customer information, are more likely to use the NAS backup approach.

The second approach involves third-party public cloud services, where your information is hosted in an offsite environment by a public cloud solution provider, like Dropbox, Amazon or Microsoft Azure.

Implement a hybrid cloud backup strategy for added protection and cost savings

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between one approach or the other. Many businesses are implementing hybrid cloud solutions that draw from the best of both worlds. The hybrid cloud approach integrates third-party public cloud services with your existing NAS environment. Finding the right balance between the two can help you optimize costs, security, and control.

Buffalo’s best-in-class storage and backup TeraStation™ solutions support both private and public cloud options. Use our NAS devices create a private cloud backup strategy—or easily modify them to integrate with select third-party cloud solution, thus creating your secure Hybrid Cloud.